Full-colour menu printing allows you to display photos of your plates to attract the appetite of your guests.

When the menu printing is done correctly, it will bring an amazing deal to the restaurant owners, as it will display the display of your catering menus.  Menus – and how they are presented – are the most vital aspects of the restaurant’s marketing collateral.

It is import to keep your menu up to date and review in good time for key times of year.

Print4Hospitality offers menu printing for eat-in and take-out dining menus, in various sizes and folds.

A well thought-out menu, combined with a complete wine list, supported by effective and useful staff, makes any restaurant standout.  Table tents are ideal for displaying special menu items or the latest menu items.


Before you can print restaurant menus here’s what to consider when designing your restaurant menus so it looks great.

  • Draw attention to the healthy dishes on the menus with icons or designate a specific section of the menu for healthy options.
  • Highlight special offers on the menu, with icons or bright colours to make them stand out.
  • In addition to laminating, there are a number of other things you could do to give your menus a special look.
  • Include unique selling points, such as private dining rooms.


Think carefully about how to display your most valuable dishes, goods or services, you should pay special attention to where these articles should be put on the menu.  Also think about including party and event packages, with the duration of the event, the variety of activities, the selection of decoration and the meals available.


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