Custom Foil Business Cards

Although we live in a digital age, and most of our business communications, meetings and networking are performed online, business cards remain the most powerful marketing tool. Why? It’s the most efficient communication channel which fully integrates your brand’s image, message, and quality. Every time a client or partner looks at your business card they’re reminded about what your company stands for.


Your Business Card Tells the Story of Your Company

A custom foil business card designed around your business’s brand will guarantee that your brand receives the credit it deserves and will help you make an unmatchable first impression. Your aim is to make an unforgettable impact on a potential prospect or new connection.


Your Business’s Storyline

Consider that your business card tells the story about your business. It should reflect the high quality, high performance and high standards of your business to guarantee 100% engagement of your potential customers and/or partners. Associating your business to anything less than top quality will only damage your brand’s image.


Creative Styles Are Shareable

If you hand out a business card which has an innovative design, there’s a good chance the person you gave it to will show it to others. It becomes a tool for continuous marketing and ensures new leads for your company. It’ll guarantee a wider spread of your brand’s awareness levels and guarantee that you don’t miss any business opportunities.


Upscale and High-Quality Brand Image

Foil printed business cards are made by impressing pigment or metallic foil onto card stocks under high pressure. Usually, business cards have foil logos or text which create an eye-catching impression. By choosing customized foil printed business cards, you’ll convey a distinctive image of your company. Prospects will immediately consider that your products and services are high-quality and incredibly effective based on the impact ensured by your foil business cards.


The Competitive Edge

To give your business a competitive edge, you can play around with different foil options such as metallics, gloss pigments, matte pigments or special effects foils. The more creative you are the better marketing results you’ll achieve. However, the key to a business card’s success is a minimalistic style. Don’t overload your card with useless information. Through foil printing, you’ll add a customized and high-quality touch to your business card’s look which in turn will greatly improve your marketing success.

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