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Signal App – The privacy focused messaging app

Signal is a messaging app much like WhatsApp but with a focus on privacy, it is a non-profit company and the software is open source. So to dig into that a little deeper non-profit means that it is run more like a charity than a normal business (eg Facebook), when somebody decides to open source their software it means it is publicly available for anybody to view the code. According to Signal it does not obtain user messages, groups, contacts or profile information. And because the code is open-source anybody could investigate to see exactly how the software works and […]

Event Marketing Collateral, what is best?

In the ever-challenging world of business, companies can no longer rely on merely one channel of marketing when it comes to engaging consumers with their brand. Although the digital realm of marketing has increased substantially in recent years, however print marketing continues to be the chosen medium when it comes to engaging consumers with a brand. Admittedly, online marketing allows for businesses to reach a broader market, however it lacks the element of tangibility which only the print medium can provide. The physical form of flyers, brochures and other such marketing tools continue to have an advantage over their digital […]

Does mobile-first affect rankings, indexing or both?

John Mueller a Webmaster Trends Analyst at Google has confirmed that mobile-first only relates to how a website is indexed and does not affect how a site ranks.   The question was asked on Twitter:- Hi John, would that [mobile first] mean that a website that has been moved would have an upper-hand on a website that hasn’t been moved?   John Mueller replied:- No, it doesn’t change ranking, it’s just how it’s indexed.   It was a follow-on question regarding a website which hadn’t been moved to mobile-index. John Mueller’s response was not all sites have been moved yet. […]

Professional Guide to Digital Marketing Metrics & Measuring Effectiveness

This guide covers the most important metrics to measure in digital marketing and how to measure the effectiveness. This is a professional guide on how to measure and evaluate effectiveness of your digital marketing campaigns, we won’t be talking much about things like Google analytics. The following methods work best for blogs but can work for almost any page on the Internet providing it is publicly accessible. The main topic here will be around how you can effectively measure user engagement and ultimately the performance of the of your marketing. User engagement is difficult to measure, standard metrics such as […]

Cheap Custom Table Covers

Here at Print4Hospitality our team have a lot of experience in cheap custom table covers, they will work with you to create a design and use their experience to advise on the best option to suit your needs. We can help with design and production of cheap custom table covers. Our friendly and knowledgeable team will help you through every stage using our simple three step process.