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Paper Sizes Explained – for ordering printing

For those folks that don’t often get involved in print ordering, paper size designations can be confusing – let us unconfuse this situation! This is paper sizes explained… Let us explain paper sizes, the most common paper size by far is A4, 210x297mm, for 99% of business letterheads, paper for the average office copier etc.  So if you cut that letterhead in half that becomes A5, 210 x 148mm, cut in half again that becomes A6, 148 x 105mm. So we have covered A4, A5 and A6.  Do the same again for A7… Almost all printed Brochures and Leaflets are […]

Clean data means better direct mail response rates (for less money)

Direct mail is on the rise as companies tune in to the fact that even millennials love to open a letter or two. However, without a tight mailing list, you’re just going to waste your money.     How data cleaning minimises direct mail costs A cluttered database will hold too much old and useless data. People may not need your service anymore or have moved away from their previous address. If you send direct mail campaigns to everyone in your database, you’re essentially burning the cash you spend. A clean database will allow you to send direct mail to […]