Clean data means better direct mail response rates (for less money)

Direct mail is on the rise as companies tune in to the fact that even millennials love to open a letter or two. However, without a tight mailing list, you’re just going to waste your money.


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How data cleaning minimises direct mail costs

A cluttered database will hold too much old and useless data. People may not need your service anymore or have moved away from their previous address.

If you send direct mail campaigns to everyone in your database, you’re essentially burning the cash you spend.

A clean database will allow you to send direct mail to only relevant addresses. You won’t need to order ten thousand flyers if you know that only five thousand addresses are still valid!

Our data cleaning is done by APART-DATA who provide data cleaning and data management services.


Why opt-in is important in 2018

Something else you need to bear in mind when creating your direct mail campaign is the introduction of EU GDPR in May 2018.

This is a new regulation regarding the handling of personal data for any EU citizen. It’s an important piece of legislation that applies to companies even outside of the EU, if they have any EU customers in their database.

If you’re sending a direct mail campaign from May 2018, you need to make sure that all recipients have opted-in to receive marketing communications from you.

While this is a big task, there is some good news for an opportunity here! You can send a direct mail campaign before that date to notify your customers of the new legislation and request that they opt-in again to your database.

This will give you a brand new, fresh set of data to work with, as well as ensure that you’re compliant with the new legislation.


Data cleaning for direct mail improves response rates

When you’ve cleaned your database so you only have relevant and active customers included, as well as those who have opted-in in preparation for the EU GDPR in 2018, your response rates will rocket.

This is because you’ll be sending direct mail to those people who you know are actively engaged with your company – and no one else. This is a prime audience for boosting response rates, as you’re no longer wasting your money on sending marketing to disinterested parties.

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