Pros & Cons of Recycled Paper for Your Next Print Job

The purpose of recycling paper is to maintain the sustainability of woodland areas, they can also provide some interesting textures and in some cases is more absorbent, although mostly for marketing literature that is a disadvantage. 

The use of recycled paper will vary depending on the application it is needed for.  The downside of recycled paper is chemicals must be used to bleach and purify the paper and some of these chemicals can be harmful to the environment, additionally recycle paper normally costs more than standard grades and the range of options available is much more limited.

But of course it is important to protect the environment and maintain sustainability, we recommend you weigh up the pros and cons of what is important to you and make a decision based on your situation.

Generally it isn’t practical to use recycled paper for long runs because of the extra cost, also anything kept for a period of time such as a brochure or catalogue may become tatty quicker which doesn’t look good on a brand.

Paper can be recycled several times, but each time it is put through the process the grain becomes shorter and therefore the paper will be less durable.

You can check for a high-level overview on how paper is recycled.

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